Notes from Watermark Enterpreneur Conference (Oct 17, 2015)

I got a ticket from my company, VMware to attend the full day “Watermark Enterpreneur Conference“. Just before the day, I was not sure if I really wanted to attend it. (Thoughts running in my head were – Who am I kidding, I am not an entrepreneur, Will I really gain anything ? ; I have a lot of work etc).  But I had made a commitment by asking for a ticket and I couldn’t find a replacement at such short notice and decided to go for it. And I am glad that I did !

It was a very well conceptualized and organized conference with a lot (approx 25) of real life Entrepreneurs and Investors on the list of panelists and fireside chat discussions. The topics ranged from how to pitch an idea, what do investors look for, how to build a great team etc). Here are some of the great quotes I heard throughout the day.

  • Building your Company
    • Work in a startup prior to starting your company ,you will really learn a lot
    • Know why you are doing what you are doing ?
    • Don’t hunt a dream that is not your dream
    • Hire people who complement you.
  • What do investors look for, like or dislike ?
    • About you – Whether you have Integrity, Resilience and Grit
    • If you don’t respect them or their money, it can be a big turnoff
  • What should you look in investors ?
    • It is a long term arrangement, find out if you have similar values or not. You are not just getting their money, you are getting a partner.
  • The Pitch
    • Put down your anticipated Salary !!
    • Do your homework – Know your competition, figure out your business model.
    • Never use we are “better”, tell how you differentiate.
    • Be relentless, don’t take ‘no’ as ‘never. Take it as ‘not now’. Approach them again and again after doing course correction.
  • Advice on interpersonal relations:
    • The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference – Quote from Lisa Hannah’s Mom.
    • Please do no react emotionally in any business situation. “Be tenacious but Gracious” – Jillian Manus
    • Hi – How are you ? We are asked this question so many times during the day. Do not say ‘I’m fine’. Use this opportunity to tell what you are doing, (I am excited as we just finished…), what’s not going well (facing some challenges – but I think got a hang of it).  Make it an active conversation. This will help you to spread info on what you are working on.
  • Advice on growing yourself:
    • Listen to something good everyday. One of the speaker mentioned she listens to TED talk everyday since last 3 and half year.
    • Meditate at least 5-10 mins every day.
    • Every six months write down what you have learned and the story around it. It will help you understand what you are doing and where you are spending your time.
    • Read magazines like Techcrunch, Bloomberg to keep yourself updated.
    • When going through hell, just keep on going 🙂
    • You must want to fly so much that you are ready to give up being a caterpillar!

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  1. Vijay says:

    The advice number 3 in “Interpersonal relationships” is a good one not just for entrepreneurs. I will try and implement it in my everyday life as well.


    1. hehe 🙂 that’s great, I liked it as well. It’s great way to start and continue conversations.


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