The Meaning of life

Since I was a child, many times I have looked up in the star lit sky and wondered “Who am I,  How did I end up here, What am I doing here, What is all of this ..?” and felt so small and also lost in the vast universe.

I found my answer in the theory, “Law of Attraction” taught by Abraham Hicks and also with something that I had someone always believed in – Aaham Brahmasi – a sanskrit quote which means I am Divine. I have also thought that the answer to all the questions we have will lie in just one very simple answer. And the answer is so simple – ‘I am God’. So combing the two streams of knowledge I believe that I am God and I have created this universe for the ever expansion. As I am God, whatever I think, manifests.

Of course, there are still so many questions which continue to come up even after the above is stated. Why is there a God, Who created God, what about so many people, what are souls, can you prove it, what is the purpose of all of this ? And I also read – there will always be questions 🙂 And as I realize more and more, I feel I don’t really need to know the answers to all the questions. I must already be knowing the answers and the questions in the outer world. The best I can do now is to live now. Also, I may not be able to get the same physical life experience outside of the physical realm. Let me relish it now – as I am here now.


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