Immerse yourself into positivity

I first heard about this from a colleague when I was working at HP. He told me that all of us are surrounded by  information both negative and positive and that we need to choose what we want to receive. I had never thought of news and information in this way earlier ! And a decade later, I can understand this more holistically and am myself on a journey to have more positivity in my life. In fact, my birthday resolution for this year is to become more positive – in my thoughts (that’s very very important) and in my conversations.

Before we dive into how you can get more positivity in your life, let’s see how it helps.

  • A positive outlook of life leads to a happier state of mind.
  • Leads to better experiences (You are what you think !)
  • You make healthier relationship with everyone.
  • You can focus on more important things like yourself than mulling over issues.
  • A happier, fulfilling life !

Here are a few things that you can do to improve your state of mind and life.

  • Your thoughts – Guard your thoughts. When you observe yourself thinking poorly about something, decide !, to change it to a positive way.
  • Do not crib about your problems to anyone ! since that they keep the problem vibration going and just increase it.  Discuss only if you are looking for a solution ! Then you will find a solution!
  • Group Discussions – Observe your discussions. Try to take the discussions to a healthier level, create a platform where everyone helps each other grow.  Avoid gossip, include topics which will help. I often try to stir people’s thoughts by asking questions around their beliefs, their dreams, etc.
  • Your virtual world – Don’t look for bad news. There is no need to find out what wrong is happening in some street, some city of another country. It does not impact you in any way .Why do you want to waste your time and energy into something you will not see in your life. As a prinicple, I do not watch news or subsrcibe to them on my phone. I believe in Louise Hay’s thoughts of this – Everything that I need to know, is revealed to me.
  • Mark unnecessary mails as spams so that you don’t see them around.
  • Your virtual world – Get good news. Subscibe to channels like Daily Good News, newsletters from authors that you like, I have subscribed to Abraham Hicks, Louise Hay, Dr Wayne Dyer, Hay House, OM Media,…
  • Keep decks of affirmation cards in your car, desk, home. They will provide you short bursts of inspiration.
  • Put out posters/writings on postivity at your home, car, work.
  • Listen to inspirational talks while driving. I love my commute because it is so richer because of all the information I receive.
  • Make a list of inspirational quotes that you like and reach out for them when you need them.
  • Think Happy, Be happy.

Positive adds positive and negative moods add negative.Try and start on a positive note and continue it. At any point you find yourself going in the wrong direction, restart !! 

Live a wonderful happy life !


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