Making Friends – A Story for children (and adults)

I have been thinking of writing stories for children which teach them some important things. Tonight, as I was putting Akash, my son, to sleep, I started creating a story and telling him. I liked what came out and here is the inspired story 😉

Once upon a time…

A Birdie was flying. It met another Birdie.

The first Birdie asked the second Birdie : Hi, How are you ?
Second one said: I am awesome, Thank you, How about you ?
First bird: I am awesome too, Where are you off to ?
Second bird: I am off to eat
                         I am off to drink
                         I am off to play and have some fun
First bird: That sounds awesome, Can I join you ?
Second bird: Off course you can !
                         We can become friends,
                          We can play together and have some fun.
Then the two birdies flew away together, to eat, to drink, to play and have fun.
See it doesn’t take too much,
To make friends,
Just say Hi and become friends 🙂

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Vijay says:

    I like this one 🙂 Simple and sends a message. And most importantly, not hard to remember 😉


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