Give yourself and everyone else an ‘A’

Always give yourself and everyone else an ‘A’ : Believe you are good and you will become good.

I heard this from Benjamin Zander ( a conductor who came at my company meet). He believed that everyone is good. On the first day of the class, he tells his students, “Your grade for the year in an ‘A’. There is one condition, you must write a letter in the next two weeks and it should be dated for the day the course ends. It should say ‘Dear Mr Zander, I got an ‘A’ because …’ and describe what they would have become at the end of the course. And all his students get an ‘A’ (without fail) !

Here are two videos from him:

Benjamin Zander – Work (How to Give an A)

 Ted Talk : Benjamin Zander – The transformative power of classical music

If you believe you are good, it boots you give in your best because you feel you need to fulfill that title. You feel free from the fear of rejection and being disappointed by others disapproval. You are charged up to do good.

There is a movie called Tales of Everyday Magic – A matter of chance. It shows how a clumsy magician Harry Houdini becomes a very good magician when two clowns trick him into believing that he is being accoladed for his excellent capabilities.

Whenever I got a bad performance review, I saw myself shut off my computer and go home. And when a got a good performance review, I felt energized to do good, worked for longer hours, came sooner to work.

Believe you are good and you will become good.

A special note for children. Always tell your children that they are the best. If you tell them they are lazy (or criticize them in any way), they will become so. And later in their life, they will criticize themself for the same things. Tell them they are awesome, and they will get inspired to be awesome 🙂


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  1. Maitreyee Saikia says:

    Loved the post! keep writing.. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Maitreyee 🙂


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