What am I thinking ?

I wanted to know myself better. So I decided to observe my mind and see what I really thought, how I really  felt about myself. This exercise proved to be extremely insightful and also at the same time brought about deeper spiritual awakening. Let me explain about both:

  1. Realization of Self (Self Realization)
    • I realized that I continuously criticized myself, thought over past situations over and over again – trying to change the way I behaved. This formed one major part of my thoughts. If I was not happy with myself, I could not expect to live a happy life, keep myself and others happy.  I started choosing good thoughts about myself (and others), I started appreciating myself for all the good things I did.
    • The other kind of thoughts which clouded my mind were about others. Most of the time, I was fighting with someone or thinking about their negative aspects. And I realized that it showed up in my life. How I thought about someone, reflected in my relation with that person. I decided to start focusing on their positives (while thinking about them). If I had thought poorly of someone, I started replacing the thoughts with all the good things about them. The most immediate effect was the change in the way I approached them, since my vibrations had a good feeling, they reflected back same and I could see my relationships becoming better.
    • When I was not thinking negative thoughts, was the space where the gold mine was. I was able to ponder about wider deeper questions and meanings of life, think about what I want to do, creative ideas started flowing in. And I realized I had to get rid of negative ideas for this space to take most of my mind space.
  2. When you observe your mind, you start dissociating from your mind. You become two beings, the observer and one being observed. And this is another form of meditation, also this sort of meditation can be done anytime, it’s a meditation in motion – washing dishes was one of favorite times ! And once you get into meditative state more often, you may end up unfolding deeper level of consciousness and get connected to your inner being in magical ways.

Try it and see what it unfolds for you. I am sure that it will be a learning process in any case.


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