What I Believe…

My current beliefs are a result of my inner dialogues with myself, my inner being, listening to my spiritual guides ( Buddha, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks to name a few), numerous teachings and experiences that I have had so far. My intention is not to force you into believing in what I believe. My intention is to share my learning and help those who are on this path and looking for some answers. I continue to explore this space, here I present what I understand as of now.

Who is God, the divine, the source ? 

The divine, the source encompass everything there is. It is ever exploring and ever growing. Since the word ‘God’ emotes different feelings in people, I prefer using divine or the source.

What is the absolute truth ? 

The divine loves each and everyone unconditionally at all times.

Who am I ?

I am a part of the divine. I am also the entire source, the divine. I can take any form of anyone and anything there is. I am everywhere.

Why am I here ?

I am present here in this physical body in this time space and contrasting universe because I am on a journey to explore something here. No one higher has chosen this path for me, I have chosen it for myself. I decided to be born in this particular house, I chose my  gender, nationality, race, my parents, have certain experiences and exist as me during this particular lifetime.

What am I capable of doing ?  

Even in this physical experience, I have my magnificence. I forgot about it when I was born. I can do anything I want, and whatever I think, manifests. I am a creator of my experiences. Everything I do, is for exploration. There is nothing bad or wrong in the eyes of the source.

How can I access my divine self ?

I am always connected to my inner being, my wholeness, the divine self. As part of this physical experience, I lost my connection and formed an individual identify so that I can focus on this particular existence. If I have faith and willingness, I can connect to my inner being. The inner being also offers me guidance at all times by means of an inner voice, intuition and certain experiences.

What is my relation with others ? ( I am still working on this…)

Just like me, there are infinite parts of this source, each on their own journeys. All of us are in essence one. Some of these parts have decided to take this journey together towards exploring something together. Each of us have complete freedom to choose what we want, to leave when we don’t want. I am a co-creator of this universe.

How is life outside this physical realm ?

Time and space does not exist in the non physical realm. I can be present at multiple places at the same time or at different points of time. There are other universes which exist at the same time exploring different forms, concepts and ideas. Whatever we want, whatever we want to explore, manifests.


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