About Daydreams

We take Daydreaming for granted and part of our normal lives. I have found day dreaming to be fascinating. One moment you are here, and the other moment you  find yourself lost in some thought, the images start crossing your mind, you meet other people, you are in a different place, you feel, you smell, you touch ,  you feel present in that thought completely. It takes a moment to get back to this reality and realize that you are not there but here.

I have thought about it and wondered if someone has been able to find wisdom behind daydreaming and connect them to other things we know. One day as I was thinking , I was able to connect them to the thought – ‘ Your thoughts create your reality’. While daydreaming, we are doing exactly that ! We are creating a new image (reality) in our minds based on our thoughts ! There are worlds within worlds 🙂 each with its unique identity (created by you !).



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