Watch out for the words you use

In Louise Hay’s movie ‘Heal your life’, Leon Nascon mentions this interesting incident. While he was talking to Louise about something he said ‘We can kill two birds with one stone” and Louise said “Why would you want to kill two birds” !!!

Do you know that the words you use are creating your world. If you are unwell, and you keep telling everyone that you are unwell, you will start feeling even more unwell. Instead if you tell, I feel good, you will start feeling better and also start recovering faster.

This holds good in so many things. When we say – I am lazy, I am stupid, I am not confident, I am clumsy, My house is always messy, I am bored, He is smarter than me – You make it happen even more so. Instead start saying – I am awesome, I am confident, I feel good, My house is clean, I have so many things to do, I am excited – And watch your body straighten up and active to start doing things.

Use this mantra – Think Happy, Say Happy, Be happy.


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